We utilize a variety of assessment techniques to pinpoint areas of strength and need, and to make diagnostic decisions as appropriate.  In reviewing the services we offer, it is helpful to understand the most commonly used assessments.

Intelligence tests, or IQ tests, measure cognitive ability and factors of cognitive functioning such as short-term memory, processing speed, abstract reasoning, visual-spatial abilities, factual knowledge, and common sense.

Achievement tests, sometimes referred to as educational assessments, are used to examine skills in reading, math, written language, and/or oral language.

Tests of cognitive processing may examine specific neurological functions such as attention, memory, organization, executive function, and visual/auditory processes.

Rating scales are used to obtain information regarding various aspects of your child or adolescent’s behavior such as attention, adaptive functioning, socio-emotional functioning, and developmental levels.

Types of Evaluation Packages

Full Psychoeducational Evaluation – $1500

This evaluation includes an IQ and achievement test plus ADHD testing to assess for the possibilities of learning disabilities and/or ADHD. Interviewing to screen for the influence of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions on educational performance also is conducted. A social/developmental history is taken to identify any possible conditions that might be affecting educational abilities and performance.

LD Evaluation (IQ and Achievement testing) – $1050

This includes IQ and achievement tests, results of which may be used to determine eligibility for special education for learning disabilities within the public school system.

Early Kindergarten Entry and Academically Gifted – $700

Intellectual and achievement testing in reading and math will be used to determine if your child meets the requirements for early entry or the need for academically gifted services.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Testing – $900

Involves an IQ test, clinical interview and observation, and rating scales. This evaluation would be beneficial for your child’s physician in confirming a medical diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation – $1600

These evaluations can be very straightforward, but sometimes require much more in-depth investigation.  As such, the techniques used in this evaluation are varied and will be tailored to presenting concerns and needs. We begin by conducting a thorough interview and clinical observations of your child. Specific assessment tools will then be determined based on information and developmental level. Please note: school observation(s) may be required at an additional hourly rate.

Developmental or Low Incidence Evaluation – $1500

Due to the complex intellectual, adaptive, and/or medical issues often associated with this population, assessment in this area ranges considerably and is adapted to best fit the unique needs of your child.  We will use standardized IQ and achievement measures as appropriate, but may modify these tests as needed to best capture your child’s strengths and needs.  In addition, we will use in-depth clinical interviews, observations, informal assessments, and/or rating scales.

Traumatic Brain Injury – $1600

This evaluation requires a confirmed medical diagnosis of a brain injury. A variety of techniques are used in this assessment, including cognitive and achievement tests, a clinical interview to determine changes in behavior pre/post injury, and assessments of memory and cognitive processes, which include visual and auditory processing.  In addition, measures of behavior and executive functioning will be utilized.

IQ Testing only – $575

This includes an appropriate measure of intelligence based on your referral need.

Achievement Testing only – $500

This includes an appropriate measure of achievement based on your referral need.

Socio-emotional screening – $500

This includes the use of rating scales and/or other socio-emotional tests to provide information about your child’s behavioral and emotional functioning.

School consultation – $175/hour

To best understand your child’s strengths and needs, we may consult with your child’s classroom teacher and/or observe your child in the natural school environment.  We also are available to consult with other adults who work with your child at school.

Other psychological testing – $175/hour

In some cases, additional testing or screening may be helpful and/or necessary in pinpointing specific areas of strength and need, as well as confirming specific diagnoses. We will provide an estimate of time involved prior to conducting any additional assessments.

*Cost for all evaluations includes an hour-long interpretive conference. If a school observation or visit is required, or if an interpretive conference lasts more than one hour, this is billed at an additional $175.00 per hour.