At GRAY, we hold a child’s school success and a parent's peace of mind as our highest goals.

If you have a concern regarding your child’s academic success, GRAY Psychological Associates, PLLC is your source for providing specialized and efficient evaluations to diagnose your child’s learning needs. By utilizing a variety of assessment techniques to pinpoint areas of strength and need, we will create a positive, realistic and productive plan to help your child reach academic success.


As licensed and nationally certified school psychologists, we have a combined 55+ years of experience working in the public school system. The psychologists at GRAY are well-versed in all current assessment procedures and are able to match the best evaluation tools to your child or teen’s individual situation.


When students and their families face roadblocks to achieving optimal school success, we are here to help. We strive to provide effective solutions that will showcase your child or adolescent’s strengths and lessen their challenges. Our mission is to help every student reach his or her full learning potential through personal, cost-effective, and high-quality service.

Peace of Mind

At GRAY, our knowledge of assessment and experience in the public school system will lead to practical and effective strategies that can be implemented within the school setting. We will leave  you with a clear understanding of your child’s unique learning needs, ultimately bringing you peace of mind.

We invite you to contact us today to see how we can provide a plan for your child’s success.